You Ought To Eat Your Seeds, Too!

Eating healthy is a choice we make every day. We have the power to make changes that will bring powerful health benefits. One way to do this is to try to meet as much of...

Cookie-Making Competition

STEP 1: Kick-Off! November 22nd, 2022 – Order all four flavor mixes of SauFennel with our Grab n Go Bundle, up until November 30th, using promo code COOKIERECIPE22 to get free shipping (one per order). STEP 2: Experiment with...

A Thanksgiving Recipe

Bring something new to the table 🦃 This year, Thanksgiving dinners everywhere are sure to include some new foods like SauFennel — the perfect antidote for feasts that seemingly go on forever! Traditional plates are...

Do I Get Enough Fiber?

When you don't eat enough fiber, not only are you missing out on amazing health benefits but you're also likely to experience crappy side effects. Here are the side effects to look out for, plus our yummy ideas for adding fiber in to your diet.

Storing Seeds

Storing your seeds for maximum freshness is easier than you might think. Store them in glass containers or SauFennel's Countertop Tins.