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SF Box (fresh digestives for a year)


Eating delicious and natural fiber every day doesn’t have to be a game. Make it easy to level up with our variety of deliciously satisfying, fiber-filled mixes and treats.

Set your giftee up for digestive health with our one-year subscription and they'll receive timely deliveries of fresh mixes. AND free stuff we put in the box!

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Mix Ingredients & Nutrients

Our mixes feature different combinations of the following:

fennel seeds in a bowlWhole Fennel Seeds  High in Fiber that's good for digestion and regularity, antioxidant & antispasmodic properties good for immune health and alleviating cramps, vitamins, and macronutrients.

Sesame seeds in a bowlWhole Sesame Seeds – healthy fats, protein, B vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and other beneficial plant compounds. Regularly eating substantial portions of these seeds — not just an occasional sprinkling on a burger bun — may aid blood sugar control, combat arthritis pain, and lower cholesterol.

Chopped AlmondsUnsalted Chopped Almond – contains many healthy fats, fiber, protein, magnesium, and vitamin E. Good for lowering blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. They can also reduce hunger and promote weight loss.

CoconutUnsweetened Coconut Flakes – Good for reducing the risk of heart disease by modulating cholesterol profiles, improving satiety and supporting weight loss, supporting a healthy microbiome, enhancing brain function, and stabilizing blood glucose levels.

Coriander SeedsCoriander Seeds – Full of vitamin K, which plays an essential role in helping your blood clot. Vitamin K also helps your bones repair themselves, helping prevent problems like osteoporosis. Additionally, evidence points to vitamin K helping lower your risk of heart disease.

Dark Chocolate Vegan Dark Chocolate Chips – a powerful source of antioxidants, may improve blood flow and lower blood pressure, raises HDL, protects LDL from oxidation, reduces heart disease risk, protects your skin from the sun, and could improve brain function.

Sprinkles Vegan Rainbow Sprinkles – We add these for a tiny touch of color, crunch, and sweetness.

Rock CandyPure Rock Candy – We add this for those with a sweet tooth! Yea, you know who you are!

*nut-free and sugar-free mixes are available

Customer Reviews

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Barb Schueck


Meet our (not so) secret ingredient.

A healthy mix of fennel seeds! They are so versatile we use them in all our digestive treats!

  • Enjoy our mix straight out of the package for healthy snacking, in-between meals to stave off hunger, and after meals to promote good digestion.
  • Use the mix as a topping on salads, yogurt, oatmeal & so much more.
  • Stir the mix into stocks & curries.
  • Sprinkle it on fish, cheese, & roasted potatoes.
  • Bake it into homemade bread, protein balls, energy bites, & cookies.
  • Grind some up with a mortar & pestle or a spice & nut grinder for more kid-friendly dishes.