We're Elisa and Farnaz, friends who met in High School on Long Island, NY. Years later, we reconnected over a shared love for entrepreneurship and fennel seeds! We think we're both pretty gutsy women for taking on the wellness world with the best kept secret from the subcontinent! We are the first to introduce this South Asian tradition (of eating fennel seeds after a meal) to the American market. With our individual packages of SauFennel, there's no need to eat from the communal bowl of fennel at your fave Indian restaurants. Our vision is to help you achieve better health in a tasty, fun way; without the use of medicine (and germs!). Most digestive remedies on the market today are pills, gummies, er uh- you get the point. We believe SauFennel provides a natural and tasty remedy that you won't get tired of eating. It's sooo versatile; you can find new ways to eat it everyday. Maze Kharein! Enjoy!