Sugar-Free Mix 4 oz. Jar

SKU: SQ4197080

Looking for the old school saunf simpari? This ain't that! This is a tastier, fresher, and healthier snack. You won't need to worry about sugar or anything candied–like the Indian restaurants serve. Sugar-Free Momma is Keto-Friendly! It's been lightly toasted to enhance the natural flavor of the seeds and nuts. You can live without the sugar, but not while compromising taste!

You'll love this refillable glass jar that's great for keeping handy in the pantry when you feel like getting creative in the kitchen. Just sprinkle it on top or mix into your favorite foods. You'll also love this 'Artsy Sharing Spoon' that's been hand-painted with henna/desi designs on wood. Pssst! It's a spoon for scooping the perfect portion of SauFennel.

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