Sugar-Free Mix 2 oz. Bag

SKU: SQ6220350

Looking for the old school saunf simpari? This ain't that! This is a tastier, fresher, and healthier snack. Sugar-Free Momma is your Keto-Friendly go-to snack so you won't have to worry about sugar or anything candied–like they serve at Indian restaurants. We've lightly toasted SauFennel to enhance the natural flavors of the seeds and nuts. You can live without the sugar, but not while compromising taste!!!

Finding new ways to support your digestive health is easy with SauFennel. Sprinkle some onto oatmeal, yogurt, and salads. Cook it with your favorite recipes. Eat it straight from the package after meals. Yep! You can swallow them.

You'll love the convenience of this grab and go bag. It's great for traveling with. SauFennel is perfect for treating "traveler's constipation" and stopping stomach cramps or bloat when they strike. It also freshens breath!