Seed The Day Set


Including four fenn-tastic flavors of digestive mix-ins, this unique set supports the whole fam. Let everyone find a treat to love and start a new tradition for healthful eating together. The best part? All treats in this set are packed with ingredients like fennel seeds that promote digestion after eating meals. Plus, you can serve them on this artisan hand-painted serving tray and with an artisan hand-painted Artsy Sharing Spoon.


  • A 4 oz. jar of a SauFennel Mix

  • 3 single serving packets of our fenn-tastic other flavor mixes

  • Bumpy Biscotti (3 count)

  • Pat's Tea Biscuits; a recipe shared exclusively to SauFennel by our friend Pat (10 count)

  • 4 pieces of SOOO Divine Dark Chocolates (2 with SF's Sugar-Free Momma mix and 2 with Bumpy Biscotti crumbs)

To thank you for your purchase, we've added a SauFennel Coaster with a printed inspirational message.

To maintain quality and freshness all our products are made in small batches. Mixes can be stored for up to 3 months. Cookies and chocolates have a short expiry.