The Box That Gets You Ramadan Ready


Filled with enough after feast treats to celebrate the season of Ramadan. A special holiday gift box that you can use to make a beautiful and unique dessert plate that everyone will be talking about for a loooong time!

Gift box includes:
  • Bumpy Biscotti (12 count)

  • Tea Biscuits (30 count)

  • Dates (12 count)

  • Sooo Divine Dark Chocolate Bites with Sugar-Free Mix (4 count)

  • Sooo Divine Dark Chocolate Bites with Bumpy Biscotti Crumbs (4 count)

  • 2 ounce Grab n Go Bags filled with SauFennel Mix (one of each of our four flavors)

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We wrap and ship. Bow included comes in purple, pink, blue, and orange.

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