SauFennel was born out of an inherent love for saunf (fennel seeds)–the best kept secret of the subcontinent. Fennel seeds are a remedy for indigestion and bad breath and we've turned them into fun, easy to eat digestive treats. You can snack on SauFennel mix straight from the jar, mix in to your favorite recipes, or cook with it. You can enjoy our dark chocolate bar and fresh baked cookies too. Our shop is online, our bakery is located in Lansdale, Pennsylvania.

Our unique digestive treats are filled with nutritious benefits from fennel seeds, coconut, sesame seeds, and almonds. They are so good for your tummy–decreasing bloat and gas, and keeping you regular. We make sure all our treats extremely flavorful in their natural state; plus we lightly toast our seeds and nuts to enhance the flavors and health benefits even more.

We source our ingredients here in the United States and always deliver fresh! We knew the importance of bringing you products that are safe, so we’ve also individually packaged our treats for your safe handling (eliminating shared germs common to the tradition of eating saunf).

We hope SauFennel evokes some form of nostalgia and happiness within you! And most importantly, that you enjoy good health.

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