Our Story

How it began.

Fennel seeds were my biggest craving when I was pregnant with baby #4, and I couldn’t buy them here in Pennsylvania. Most people sell mixes with candied fennel seeds, which is not healthy!

So I learned how to make them. I added a little twist to the saunf treats beloved in Pakistani homes and Indian restaurants, with almonds, sesame, coconut, and other combinations. My favorite mix was ‘Not Your Momma’s Mix,’ just sweet enough to help me kick my cookie cravings and alleviate nausea. After my milk increased, I learned that fennel seeds are an excellent source for nursing moms. I nursed son #4 the longest!

SauFennel represents my appreciation of growing up on saunf/mukhwas and my passion for sharing something SAU GOOD with anyone struggling with digestive issues.

Team Fennel.

When Farnaz agreed to let me design the branding for SauFennel, I couldn't wait to try it first.

I was immediately addicted to the taste and amazed that it helped relieve some of my IBS symptoms. I knew it could help others who suffered and was eager to help Farnaz make it a business.

Since then, my favorite thing to do on days off is to create new cookie recipes using SauFennel mixes!

Where we are today.

The first thing we learned about this business is that we spend a lot of time educating people about the health benefits of fennel seeds.

We have spent years resisting the tried and true candied saunf that Pakistanis love and keeping the recipe healthy. To all our Pakistani friends – sorry, no candy this time! This ain't your momma's mix!

Today we have four different flavors of mixes, tea biscuits, biscotti, and chocolate bars. We are continuously inventing new products to add to the family.