Elisa & Farnaz
Founders of SauFennel


SauFennel represents a daughter's appreciation of growing up on Pakistani saunf/mukhwas (the sugary kind), from early childhood memories to family celebrations.

After sharing a home recipe with a friend, it became clear that saunf needed to be shared with everyone in America. Today, that friend and I, have spent years resisting the tried and true candied saunf that Pakistanis love, and keeping our recipe healthy. To all our Pakistani friends – sorry, no candy this time! This ain't your momma's mix!

We exist to keep this centuries-old ritual of eating fennel seeds for digestive health, well, healthy! Toasty, crunchy, and naturally sweet – you will love discovering the sensory experience that is SauFennel! Indulge your cravings & start feeling good the way you should. Without gas and bloat.

Try our thoughtfully curated cookies and dark chocolate bars filled with support for your gut.

Mazay karain Enjoy

💜 Farnaz

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