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    Fresh, delicious, & has a great variety of textures and flavors. Shipped faster than expected in a beautiful package with a lovely note. Highly recommended!!!
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    So thankful I came across this company, not only do they have amazing fennel seed mixes, they include a handwritten note which is unheard of these days.
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    Love the customer service and the product is so fresh!!! Thank you 😊
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    This is so good, it tastes like yoga class.
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    AMAZING! I'm not a huge sauf person... but dang! The mixes are fantastic. The seller is excellent to work with and the packaging is just beautiful! So excited to give this as a little Eid present to my parents!!
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Get the help you need with a tiny but mighty seed

Are you looking for a natural and delicious way to improve your digestion? Look no further than fennel seeds!

These tiny seeds pack a big punch when you need relief from bloating, help with regular bowel movements, and soothe indigestion.

Discover the versatility and benefits of incorporating fennel seeds in your diet, from chewed as a post-meal treat to added in cooking.

Choose a favorite!

Fenn-tastic Flavors

Have you ever tried fennel? You may be more familiar with the candied fennel seeds your mom grew up eating, but this ain't your mama's mix!

Our fennel seed mixes are naturally fenn-tastic. They have a wildly intoxicating aroma and a mildly sweet flavor that we lightly toast to enhance.

Bonus! Herbs and spices add robust flavor without sodium!

We believe food is healing

We’re Elisa and Farnaz, two moms sharing the best-kept secret in digestive health from the Subcontinent. The ancient fennel seed!

Take it from our founder, Farnaz, whose “craving of choice” with her last pregnancy was fennel seeds. It ended up being her easiest pregnancy and longest time nursing. Every mom needs to know about it!

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