Everyone asks! What is SauFennel & how is it pronounced?

In many languages on the Indian Subcontinent, the word 'saunf' (pronounced soo-unf) means fennel seeds. In some areas, it is known as mukhwas.  SauFennel was inspired by saunf - therefore, we pronounce it So-Fennel. 

If you’ve ever eaten Indian food at a restaurant, you might remember a bowl of uncovered candied fennel seeds by the door on your way out. You might feel cautious after the pandemic to sink your hands into that communal bowl of colorful sweets. SauFennel brings you digestives inspired by this ritual without the germs! You can prepare your own, but who has time for that? We do! 

What is a digestive?

Food (or medicine) that feels good in the system. SauFennel does just that! When you eat one of our mixes, the benefits are unlimited. Otherwise known as cleansing for the palette, eating our mix can help stave off hunger between meals and promote good digestion after overeating a heavy meal of rich foods.

To learn about the health benefits of SauFennel's main ingredient, fennel seed, Click here.

Where do fennel seeds come from?

We've found the best fennel farm in India. Fennel is a hearty crop, even in some of the coldest northern climates. Fennel is also a fantastic plant that provides an edible part at every growth stage, from the bulb to the fronds to the seed.

Our fennel seeds are sourced from India. Everything else is sourced from right here in the USA. We make all our SauFennel products in PA in small batches because freshness is key when eating seeds and nuts!

How do Fennel seeds help digestion?

Chewing helps the stomach metabolize (process) food by breaking the larger food particles into smaller fragments. Chewing also increases saliva production so it can be swallowed without aggravating the esophagus. The fiber in SauFennel's fennel seeds and other natural ingredients helps to regulate bowel movements. 

Nursing mothers have reported that they love how SauFennel helps improve milk flow, too!  Have bad breath? SauFennel helps to freshen breath and has been used traditionally for centuries as a breath freshener (or Mukhwas). SauFennel is also packed with vitamins like Vitamin C and SO much more.

What’s the shelf life?

PSA: Spices do expire. Technically, most should be used or replaced six months after you open them. You'll know SauFennel is fresh when the fennel seed is greenish-brown. SauFennel is made in small batches and packaged in sealed bags or airtight glass jars to preserve freshness. 

SauFennel is best eaten within 2-3 months…though there’s a chance you will eat it all before then!  SauFennel Decorative Countertop Tins are available for purchase in our shop. It keeps your favorite mix fresher for longer.

Are Fennel seeds safe?

South Asians have been consuming fennel seeds as a natural remedy for digestion for centuries and have way less colon cancer! Unlike many OTCs, you will not experience side effects or toxicity from fennel seeds.

Generally, most herbal remedies are considered safe, and individual hypersensitivity is usually considered the most common but controllable risk. Herbs/spices can offer you a wide range of safe and effective therapeutic agents that you can use as an integral part of your healthcare program. Therefore, fennel seeds can contribute to disease prevention, symptomatic relief of minor ailments, and maximizing your health potential.

It is important to understand that while fennel is safe in moderation, there are concerns with concentrated doses. If you are pregnant, taking birth control, diabetic, taking cancer medication, or certain antibiotics such as Cipro, or have IBS, you should consult your doctor or pharmacist.


Disclaimer: This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.