Sooo, What is it, exactly?
In many languages on the Indian Sub-Continent, the word 'saunf' (pronounced soo-unf) means fennel seeds. In some areas, it is known as mukhwas.   Most homes and restaurants will have their own blend of saunf that is passed around after a meal to aid in digestion or as a mouth freshener. Families often have their special blends, some sweet, some not sweet!

Sooo, What’s in it?
Pretty much just SEEDS + NUTS. To see our Nutrition Labels and health benefits, Click here. Let’s be honest, some of the snack products on the market today may taste amazing and claim to be healthy, but they’re very likely to be harmful to you. Snack foods are likely to have ingredients, you can’t even pronounce, to preserve freshness and lengthen shelf life. We use minimal artificial flavors or sweeteners. We also have snack mixes that are: 100% sugar-free and 100% nut-free. All our ingredients are sourced in the USA.

Sooo, How do I eat SauFennel? 
The beauty of SauFennel is the versatility (and the freshness and healthfulness). It is ready to eat straight out of the jar or bag.  Our Artsy Sharing Spoons make it easy to scoop out the perfect portion each time. Nosh on your SauFennel after or in-between meals with our grab n go bags for snacking on-the-go.
Or, you can mix it into your favorite foods.  We love ours as a topping on salads, oatmeal, yogurt, and added to granola, too! (Keep one of our refillable glass jars in your pantry).
Or, even cook with it!  All you have to do is crush SauFennel in your favorite baking recipes, or sprinkle into your batter or dough. We love it on fish and other meats!

Sooo, Where is it made?
Unlike nearly any other fennel seed mix, our mixes and treats are all made fresh, in small batches right in Lansdale, PA.  Support local, women-owned businesses!

How do we sweeten our mixes?
The seeds and nuts in SauFennel are naturally sweet on their own. Many people eat it just to sweeten or freshen their breath after meals. To add an eye catching pop of color for fun, we sprinkle in a dash of vegan sprinkles. If you happen to want something extra sweet, try Rock Your World–with pure crushed cane sugar rock candy mixed in. For a SUGAR-FREE alternative, check out our Sugar-Free Momma Mix.

Why does it taste so good?
All of our ingredients are lightly toasted, enhancing the natural flavors of the seeds and nuts. And perhaps too, it’s so good because it's just so unique–unlike anything else you’ve ever snacked on.

What’s the shelf life? How long does it stay fresh?
Fennel seed is brown or green in color when fresh. SauFennel is made in small batches using only the freshest ingredients. We package it in sealed bags and airtight glass jars to preserve freshness. SauFennel is best eaten with 6-8 weeks…though there’s a chance you will eat it all before then!