Never Forget Again!


When a new SauFenneler forgets to eat their daily SauFennel, they purchase this decorative countertop tin. Sooo, you can set it and never again forget it! Added bonus: Keep your SauFennel Mix fresh for longer. 

Which style do you want? 

Your purchase also comes with:

  • One Artsy Sharing Spoon (painted by our resident artisan, and no two are alike).

  • A 2 oz. grab-n-go bag of SauFennel Mix (choose your flavor).

Metal. 2 3/4" diameter x 1 3/4" h. Holds Approx 2 oz.

    For larger quantities please send a request to email: 

    For party favors, the tins are smaller with similar designs. Please send a request to email: