How it began.

SauFennel represents a daughter's appreciation of growing up on Pakistani saunf/mukhwas (the sugary kind), from early childhood memories to family celebrations.

Farnaz was pregnant with baby #4 when she traded her cookie habit for saunf, a beloved treat in Pakistan, a staple in Pakistani homes, and in Indian restaurants.

The problem was that most saunf mixes contained candied fennel seeds and artificial preservatives. That's when Farnaz started to make her own.

Her favorite mix is Not Your Momma's Mix, which she said was just sweet enough without the sugar and helped to alleviate nausea. Not to mention increased her milk flow.

You can think of Farnaz as SauFennel's mixologist extraordinaire!

Team Fennel.

When long-time friend Elisa tried Not Your Momma's Mix, she said, "...this stuff is so addicting! It's so good!"

When it helped calm her IBS symptoms, she knew it could help others who suffered. Elisa has helped Farnaz make it a business.

Since then, Elisa has become the branding and marketing director for SauFennel, and dabbles with new cookie creations!

Where we are today.

The first thing we learned about this business is that we spend a lot of time educating people about the health benefits of fennel seeds.

We have spent years resisting the tried and true candied saunf that Pakistanis love and keeping the recipe healthy. To all our Pakistani friends – sorry, no candy this time! This ain't your momma's mix!

Today we have four different flavors of mixes, tea biscuits, biscotti, and chocolate bars. We are continuously inventing new products to add to the family.