Cookie Assortment

Our bakery favorites, with a twist.

This box contains our vegan tea biscuits and biscotti, both anytime sweets: in the morning for breakfast, as an afternoon snack with a cup of tea; or after dinner as a dessert. The crunchiness of the SauFennel Mix adds a lot of color and texture to these yummy treats.  

The naturally sweet flavor of fennel takes the place of anise extract in our biscotti and olive oil makes our biscuits crispy and dangerously addictive.  Get ready to dunk these into one of our SauFennel mugs holding your favorite hot beverage! Although, our tea biscuits  should be tried with wine. Yes, wine! You heard us correctly. 

They are packed with nutrition for guilt-free eating. Order double because they won't last long!

Box holds 24 Biscotti and 40 Tea Biscuits.