How often do I eat it?

At SauFennel we don’t believe there are good and bad foods. When you eat high-calorie foods in moderation and make healthy food choices, it’s easier to feel good about what you eat.  That said, our treats are low in sodium, high in fiber, and have fewer calories than your traditional store-bought cookies. This makes our cookies a treat that CAN be enjoyed every day.  

How much of this should I be eating?

Small Changes, Big Impact 

Eating whole seeds can sometimes be a bit difficult for those who aren’t used to it. A pinch of SauFennel mix after each meal, or a teaspoon to snack on are great ways to get started with incorporating this super seed into your diet as you slowly increase the amount you take while your body gets used to eating more fiber. 

Regular and Regulate!

Spending too much time in the bathroom perusing your socials? SauFennel will have you going in no time. Thanks to their high fiber content, fennel seeds help you stay regular in the bathroom. In addition, a fantastic way to help you stay full in between meals (thanks to their high fiber content!) and maintain weight. 

Ladies, pay attention!

If you're a woman who suffers from menstrual cramps, you’ll want to keep fennel seeds close as they contain antispasmodic properties that may help to relax the muscles of the uterus, reducing cramping and pain. New moms nursing their babies also swear by fennel as it promotes lactation! 

❤️ Spread the love

Another great way to start using fennel in your diet is to add it to your baked goods. You can bake them in bread, cookies, and muffins, or season your meats and vegetables with them before throwing them into the oven. 

Not a baker? Choose one of our fresh and ready-made digestive cookies to add extra micro and macronutrients to your diet.

All it takes is a bit of faith

When we think of healthy eating, we don’t always think about fennel because it isn’t as mainstream as other superfoods. That doesn’t in any way diminish their superpowers though! Have some faith to try new flavors and if you find SauFennel your new favorite we’ve done our job! Our mission at SauFennel is to make a convenient and affordable way for you to boost your gut health vis a vis fennel-infused power foods so that you can feel great! 

🔥 Have a burning question?

We’re answering any questions you may have along the way as you add more fennel to your diet. Hit “reply” if you have a burning question about fennel and we’d be happy to answer! Missed our newsletter that answers burning question #1 that we get about SauFennel? Check it out here!



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