The #1 question that we get about SauFennel is “what if I don’t like the taste of fennel?”

We get it. If you’ve never tried fennel seeds, you might be left scratching your head and thinking “what the heck is fennel, and what does it taste like?!”

🌱 SO, what does fennel taste like?
Much like the vegetable bulb from which fennel flowers and seeds sprout, fennel seeds have major flavor. It can be described as resembling that of very mild licorice. The distinctive, sweet, punchy, licorice taste creates a tingling sensation on your palate, resulting in a unique mouthfeel that will delight your senses long before its health benefits are felt!

Whether in its ground or seed form, good quality fennel should be highly aromatic and sweet smelling. Avoid fennel with a weak aroma, or those that smell musty!

👩🏼‍🍳 The right mix can make all the difference
  • Around the globe, you will find pops of this sweet spice in interesting places: in traditionally made Italian sausages; in the alcoholic mixture of absinthe; as a flavoring agent in toothpaste; and sugar-coated as an edible breath-freshener in India (that garlic and onion in South-Asian meals is no joke!).
  • Fennel, as a spice, is ready to use as-is and is a delicious addition to fish or poultry dishes, pasta sauces, baked goods, bread, and chutneys.
At SauFennel, we mix the finest quality fennel seeds with ingredients ranging from shredded coconut to rock candy pieces – for the most enjoyable snacking all day, every day, and straight from the jar!

We kept the unique flavor of fennel in mind and have been experimenting with it over the years to bring you four fabulous mixes that are sure to impress!

✔️ Get started with SauFennel with four irresistible mixes
  1. Not Your Momma's Mix: A fresh mix of whole fennel seeds, sesame seeds, unsalted almond pieces, unsweetened coconut flakes, and vegan rainbow sprinkles.
  2. Rock Your World Mix: A touch of extra sweetness. A fresh mix of whole fennel seeds, sesame seeds, unsalted almond pieces, unsweetened coconut flakes, vegan rainbow sprinkles, and pure rock candy pieces. Mmmmm!
  3. A Sweet Soirée Mix: A nut-free option. A fresh mix of whole fennel seeds, sesame seeds, coriander seeds, pieces of pure rock candy, vegan rainbow sprinkles, and vegan dark chocolate chips.
  4. Sugar-Free Momma Mix: A fresh mix of whole fennel seeds, sesame seeds, unsweetened coconut flakes, and unsalted almond pieces.
👌🏼 It may not be for you, but that’s A-okay
Warning: If you’ve never tried fennel before we’d recommend starting with a smaller quantity.* While they’re extremely delicious and nutritious, their exotic flavor is not for everyone. Sometimes they grow on you slowly and may need to be introduced into your diet a few times before you get hooked.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t like it at first. The best practice would be to pick up a Sampler or 2 oz Mix Jars 4 Pack to try our different mixes to find your favorites in smaller quantities so that you can see if it’s for you.  Another great suggestion is to try it in chai (or tea) as you cook it! 

*Ayurvedic practitioners suggest eating about 1 tsp in between meals twice a day for treating common digestive problems like gas.

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