You are what you eat
It’s true. What we eat is quite literally what we become. Eating well means that we’re nourishing our body with what it needs to get through the day and to help us thrive.

There’s a growing movement sweeping across America that’s using “food as medicine”. The premise behind this is that we use food in a way that acts as a preventative and healing medium for us to feel like our best selves. Simply put, this means consuming food that is high in quality nutrients and is consumed while it is at its freshest.  Try incorporating seeds and nuts into your food daily and feel the difference.

Whole fennel seeds are SO delicious and nutrient-dense. They’re best when they’re fresh. This is why we are committed to freshness! We believe in creating the most SEEDuctive, (we couldn’t resist this pun-ny reference) digestive treats in small batches, with the freshest ingredients, packed with love in airtight glass jars to ensure maximum freshness when our goodies hit your pantry.

Want to keep your seeds fresher for longer? Check out our SauFennel Decorative Countertop Tins on our website which will add some beauty to your pantries while keeping your goods in crisp condition!

Until next time …

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