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“How often do I have to eat SauFennel to get the benefits, and how do I stay consistent in eating it?

We recommend eating SauFennel every day and making it a habit to help maintain regularity in the bathroom. That’s not the only reason for eating SauFennel though. Fennel seeds contain antioxidants, vitamins, and so much more. These are everyday essential nutrients that are sometimes difficult to get enough of from our usual food choices. If you eat a high-protein diet, getting enough fiber is REALLY important! While eating SauFennel one time might not be enough fiber, eating it every day with other healthy high-fiber foods like broccoli will definitely boost your levels!

The fenn-tastic thing about SauFennel is that relief can often come immediately! If used to relieve cramping, gassiness or bloating in your stomach, you might find that it gets things loosened up pretty quick! You'll find it to be gentle enough where you won't rush off to find a bathroom.

SauFennel’s Secret?

Our star ingredient featured in our mixes, fennel seeds, are tiny, yet mighty!

Packed full of nutrients such as calcium, potassium, manganese, magnesium and vitamin C, fennel seeds are also anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antifungal! Fennel’s anti-inflammatory nature help sooth the muscles in your digestive tract, while their antimicrobial and antifungal characteristics help your body eliminate bacteria that can cause gassiness. 

It's no wonder people often find relief from digestive ailments such as gassiness, bloating, and cramping immediately after snacking on some SauFennel. As an added bonus, since fennel is super high in fiber, you’ll find they can also help you become more regular in the bathroom!

How do I stay consistent with eating SauFennel?

Certain habits just become who we are and how we do things. We don’t always need to consciously remind ourselves to brush our teeth, make our morning coffee, or clean up after ourselves, and yet our minds seem to do it almost on “autopilot”. The secret to effectively adding a new habit is by adding it into or tagging it onto a routine or habit that we already have. 

Do you generally drink coffee in the morning to help you wake up? Perhaps add in eating SauFennel right before drinking that coffee. Do you have an afternoon snack usually? Take a pinch (or a scoop!) of SauFennel right after! 

Find habits that you have already and tie them in with eating SauFennel. This will, over time, make your brain automatically recognize particular times as cues for when you need to eat SauFennel!

Using Visual Aids

Having visual aids to remind you to eat more SauFennel are also fantastic. We love our counter top tins LINK https://www.saufennel.com/collections/digestive-gifts/products/countertop-tin-set because: 

  1. They keep our mixes fresh
  2. They’re SauCute! 😍
  3. They remind us to eat SauFennel

Above all, remember that there is no magic, one pill (or seed), fix-it-all solution to staying healthy. The daily conscious decision to make better choices, eating better, drinking more water, getting more exercise in, managing stress and so on are what will bring us better health outcomes. 

We hope you’re having a fenn-tastic start to your year!

Until next time…

Mazzay Karain! Enjoy!

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